Volk Racing TE37V MARK-II

TE37V MARK-II 18 inch forged 1P One of the solitary ones is here

The TE37V has evolved into the MARK-II with the advent of the 18-inch. 18 inches with a view to R32GT-R and custom tuned cars with advanced wide body. Of particular note is the size lineup with 12J insets up to -33. Equipped with an inset to take advantage of the wide-body suspension, it is a unique existence that is unique and realized with forged 1P. The VOLK RACING TE37V MARK-II is the ultimate one that meets all the requirements of performance, size and deep rim power.
As a wheel with TE37 pedigree, it has the strength and rigidity that VOLK RACING is proud of, and it is also lightweight. It can be said that it is already in an area that can only be reached by the RAYS forging method. In addition, the spokes are proudly machined with the letters “FORGED” and “MADE IN JAPAN”. Although it is a high-end size, you can get reliable performance when driving, and character machining symbolizes quality. The TE37V MARK-II, which is approaching the limit, invites all the cars that have selected it to the next stage.


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  • Forged 1-piece wheel
  • JWL + R Spec 2
  • Size : 18″
  • Pcd : 5×114.3

Colors :

  • Bronze (BR) (Alumite)
  • Gun Metallic / Rim DC (MF)


Optional Center caps extra cost :









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