The TE37 Everything

VOLK RACING TE37 XT. The name of the wheel bearing this new TE37 is “X”, which means the design inheritance of TE37X, which is the masterpiece of off-road forged wheels, and the acronym “T”, which represents a new evolution with the aim of responding to overseas truck culture. 』It is composed of. The performance that can be used for trucks is based on the strength standard set by JWL-T and VIA, and boasts the performance to pass the strength test of our company set aiming at higher. In addition, the machining logo, which is a proof of VOLK RACING, is set on the outer circumference in two places by AMT, which uses RAYS’s patented technology, and claims that it has the latest specifications. The color is set to the basic color of blast black, which was newly adopted from 2019 for the bronze alumite color that is synonymous with TE37. In addition, we have newly proposed a matte red color as a specialty color to further expand the possibilities of 4×4 dress-up. VOLK RACING has the high performance required and reliable technology that can be met. Run through the wilderness with its high performance and overcome the rock VOLK RACING TE37 XT.

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  • Forged 1-piece wheel
  • JWL & JWL-T technical standard compliant products
  • Size : 16″ 17″ 18″
  • Pcd : 5×150 / 6×139.7

Option Colors:

  • Blast Black (BC)
  • Bronze Alumite (BR)



Optional Center caps extra cost : 







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