SSR Professor MS3

wheels are manufactured using the latest technologies in the design and manufacturing of its lightweight 3 piece wheels.

The three piece wheel is made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and center disc which allows SSR to offer wide range of offsets and ensures proper fitment specific to your vehicle. The inner rim of the wheel is heat treated for strength, using the HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) process which allows for the use of a thinner material to save weight.

With weight and high strength in mind, each section of the wheel is engineered using separate grades and thickness of aluminum according to its purpose. SSR's racing heritage and manufacturing innovations have allowed the creation of a 3 piece wheel that is both super lightweight and high in strength.

Sizes available: 16" ~ 20" only

Available PCD:
16 inch: 4-100 [SL & NR disk only]
17 inch: 4-100 [SL & NR disk only], 5-100, 5-114.3
18 inch: 4-100 [SL & NR disk only], 5-100, 5-114.3
19 inch: 5-100, 5-114.3
20 inch: 5-100, 5-114.3

Note: If the PCD is not listed above, please ask if it can be made.

Available disk type:
SL - Super low disk
NR - Normal disk
MD - Medium disk
HP - Hyper disk

Center disk colour options:
Titan Silver [TSIL] - Standard
Flat Black [FB] - Standard
White [WHT]
Black [BLK]
Silver [SIL]
Grey Silver [GSIL]
Gunmetal [GM]
Flat Gunmetal [FGM]
Touring Gold [TGD]
Flare Bronze [FBRZ]
Flat Flare BRonze [FFBRZ]
Super black coat [SBC]
Spectrum Silver [SS]

Outer Barrel colour options:
Polished lip - Standard
Gloss Bronze
Gloss Black
Flat Black
Gloss Gunmetal
Black anodized
Bronze clear

Rivet colors options:
Chrome - Standard


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