RAYS TE37SB tourer




“Sport Box is the ultimate.”

The one-box cars “Hiace” and “NV350 Caravan” are born and evolved uniquely to Japan, and can be called a car that can be proud of in the world as a “category”. The exercise performance also shows considerable ability, and it has a light running performance. Therefore, VOLK RACING regards these excellent cars as Sport Box, adopts a special rim shape that is lightweight and shows high rigidity value, and achieves a light weight of minus 3 kg compared to the genuine 16 inch. It goes without saying that JWL-T strength standards applicable to this class have been cleared, and JWL + R SPEC-2, which is our own standard, has also been cleared. I would like to answer the voice of “What is good about high rigidity? If it is a race car or tuning car, it is still good.” If the weight of the car body is heavy, the tires are lowered in profile by increasing the inch, and if the suspension is replaced with a hard suspension, the deflection and distortion of the wheels will increase, which will inevitably affect sports driving. The effect of high rigidity makes the feeling when steering at the front sharper and more linear. The rear wipes off the instability of the ground plane, and this is it! I got a clear report of the difference in the driving test etc. in advance. In other words, a wheel that is lightweight and has high rigidity is perfect for a car that has a heavy body weight, a high center of gravity, and a load balance on the front. Furthermore, from January 2018, a stylish Tourer model will be released for this TE37SB. Diamond cut treatment is applied to the rim part, and MC characters are arranged as accent lines on the flange part. Proposal of a new expression for a hard-lined appearance.

TE37SB tourer

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  • Forged 1-piece wheel (reverse rim)
  • JWL & JWL-T technical standard compliant products
  • Color : Black / Rim DC (BD)
  • Size : 17″ 18″
  • Pcd : 6×139.7


Optional Center caps extra cost :






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