QEST JAPAN LED turn signal lamp for R34 Skyline・QJ-S451




LED turn signal with 40 ultra-high brightness LEDs embedded in R34 Skyline genuine turn signal lamp
Can be installed on late sedan models

・LED turn signals made from genuine Nissan R34 Skyline turn signal lamps

Since it is a genuine product, there is no need to worry about it not getting dusty like with external products made overseas.

・Large light emission using plated reflector

By covering the LED with a plated reflector, it emits large, impactful light.

・High flash countermeasures for turn signals have been completed.

When converting turn signals to LEDs, there is a problem with the high flash phenomenon that occurs due to erroneous detection in the car’s circuit. (High Frame phenomenon)
This product comes with a special canceller. (Wiring work is required for installation.) If
you install a commercially available canceller as is, there is no need to take necessary measures to prevent heat generation.

・Processing of finished products is based on new lamps.

Normally finished products are manufactured based on used lamps, but QJ-S451 is manufactured using a new genuine Nissan clear lens.

Product Specifications

QJ-S451 QJ-R451
Number of blinker LEDs Super bright yellow: 40 shots Super bright yellow: 64 shots
Countermeasures against high fliers Countermeasure unit included, separate wiring required
processed base lamp Genuine new lamps are used for “trade-in” and “finished products”
Lighting guarantee Comes with a 1 year bulb breakage/water leakage guarantee.
Vehicle models that can be installed R34 skyline R34 Skyline GTR all years


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