Hypertune Intake Plenum Only Evo 4 5 6 CP6A




The design process begins by assessing the original vehicle and engine characteristics, as a guideline for the products development. Considering our customers requirements and installation limitations, parts are designed and analysed using advanced computer software to produce prototypes for testing purposes.
The characteristics of the intake manifold are developed to increase overall efficiency, particularly in the mid and high RPM range, whilst minimising detrimental effect on low RPM response. Consideration is made for modified engines (camshafts, turbochargers, etc.) to assure the products performance and suitability for high output applications.

Initial designs are sent to our highly experienced distributors worldwide, for testing and refinement. Once the design has been perfected, manufacture of the production parts begins.


Hypertune Intake Manifolds are manufactured using state of the art CNC machinery, and metal forming techniques developed in-house.

The goals of the manufacturing process are:

+   faithfully represent the CAD designed and developed parts
+   produce a high quality, structurally sound and reliable product
+   maintain the fit and appearance expected of a class leading product

To maintain accuracy of critical dimensions, the entire intake runner is CNC machined to accuracy within .005mm. This tolerance is well beyond the capabilities of most porting services, and guarantees that your intake manifold will be suited to the best prepared cylinder heads.

Although this process is very time consuming and expensive, we believe it is the only way to achieve perfection on a part that is critical to the performance of the intake system, and often difficult to prepare by hand. Plenum chambers are produced using a unique hydroforming process, developed in house. This allows us to produce a light weight, structurally sound part, with smooth surfaces for maximum flow potential and good appearance.

The manifolds are finally welded and assembled by true craftsman, who pride themselves on producing some of the highest quality and most unique products in the industry.The Hypertune Evo9 Intake Manifold and Throttle Body combination provides huge gains in mid to top end power without sacrificing low end torque.  This combination of attributes leads to the products successful use in applications ranging from stock turbo time attack cars, to 1000+ hp drag cars.

We have to admit, that even we were surprised by the outstanding results of this product. Measurements and experience predicted the performance gains in the upper RPM range, but the outstanding results in the low RPM range were a nice surprise!! Also surprising is how well this product performs when using the stock turbo. We design our intake manifolds under the assumption that a larger aftermarket turbocharger will be fitted.  The runner geometry is designed to take advantage of the increased airflow and (possibly even more importantly) reduction in exhaust pressure that results from a well designed after market turbo combination. Usually, it is expected there will be no gain and possibly even worse performance when used with a stock turbo, but not in the case

This Products remote mounts the idle air control

Currently, this product is only offered in a 4 injector configuration. It is designed to suit DENSO (11mm)or Bosh (14mm) top-feed injectors and must be used with a Hypertune fuel rail.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 15 cm


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