The Gram Light 57CR continues the legacy of the 57C in a redesigned package that is stronger and lighter than it's predecessor. It follows the same setup as the 57DR in terms of available sizes but overall has some new features!

The 57CR features a strong 5-spoke design with new RAYS and 57 engraved into the spokes. The center portion does away with the additional drilled holes for weight reduction as the wheel has enough weight reduced off the spokes. The 57CR also includes a black high speed air valve to better match the wheel.

The 57CR introduces the new GunBlue 2 finish, which adds a deeper blue aspect to the original Gun Blue.


  • Cast 1 piece wheel

Color :

  • Glossy Black (GX)
  • Gunbule 2 (G2)
  • 15" 17" 18" 19"


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