LMGT4 in Gloss Black is back on !

The Nismo Omori Factory is opening up a limited Pre-order for the Nismo Omori Edition LMGT4

Pre order starts now ! so be quick until sold out

Delivery Is estimated Late March / April  depending on when your order was received

Only 3 sizes will be offered this year:

18×9+22  8.9 kg

18×9.5+12  8.8 kg

18×10.5+15  9.1 kg


  • Knurled
    tire By applying knurling to the portion where the beat contacts, it prevents displacement of the tire and the wheel, which are likely to occur under high G running conditions.
  • This product is the specification which applied cutting-edge machining processing adopted also for NISSAN GT-R NISMO to the NISMO logo in the spoke part of the aluminum road wheel LM GT 4 which has been popular every year. Knurling is performed to the part where the tire beat part contacts, and it prevents displacement between the tire and the wheel, which is likely to occur during high G running. In addition, a rigid rigid square type rim is adopted for 18 inches.
    Material :   Aluminum alloy,  Forged 1 piece rim
    Color :   Gloss Black only


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Photo Credit – Jordan Leist Photograghy

GTR Owner – Jamie Paolucci

We supplied these LMGT4 Gloss Black 18X9.5J+12


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